Asset Managers

OLAN Partners' strategy responds to one constant: the optimization and valuation of real estate investments.


By carrying out works and adapting the property to the needs of the market, we ensure on each of our projects a creation of value. We manage the entire operation, looking for opportunity, strategic decision-making, the conduct of work, through the day-to-day management of the property's life.


Our goal is to control the different phases of the project to limit the risks while ensuring the profitability and valuation of the asset.


Development is the historical business of OLAN Partners. With the help of it's network, creativity and expertise, our company develops projects of big rehabilitations and new construction.


Our strength lies in our permanent adaptation to targeted customers. Lifestyles are evolving rapidly, and so is housing. OLAN Partners is committed to offer products that constantly respond to market trends. This flexibility allows us to ensure the success of our projects.


OLAN Partners intervenes as soon as the asset is selected, defines the strategic orientation of the project, selects all the partners for the execution. We supervise the daily development of the development, ensure the marketing of the lots and accompany the final buyer until the delivery of the property.